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Co2 Dragsters

Investigation Stage: Record in Design Folders

Significant Concept: Using the process of Design to solve problems.

Unit Question: How does a changing world affect transportation design and systems? 

Product Specs
Research Items​


Research the following and record in Design Folders under the Investigation page.

Use this link to answer the following terms;


  1. Aerodynamics

  2. Drag

  3. Friction

  4. Inertia

  5. Lift

  6. Mass

  7. Thrust

  8. Traction

  9. Aesthetic

  10. Axle

  11. Hybrid Car

  12. Laminar Flow

  13. Rail Car

  14. Screw Eyes

  15. Shell Car

  16. Wedge Car

  17. Wheel Base 




After researching the items above, take the time now to research Dragsters designs on the web and YouTube.  As an individual racer, come up with one design to be approved for materials.


CO2 Template

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